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Pro-Link G40 Electric Retract Set 3 Gear

The Genesis Series offers an extremely robust two piece CNC frame, sealing the motor and gearbox from the mechanics while eliminating all possibility of friction or binding due to uneven mounting rails. Over-sized T-Bar, beefed up trunnion, and a dual bearing supported drive screw assures these retracts remain slop free even after those not-so-perfect landings. Connector plug is integrated into the retract housing, allowing for simple gear installation and removal.

One of the most important upgrades to the Genesis Series is position sensing end stops. Travel endpoints are sensor controlled, eliminating all the stresses on the mechanics and drive system associated stall current type actuators. As an additional safety, we retained the stall current mode while gear is in transit. Drive gearing has been specifically selected to provide substantially more torque than our competitors while retaining our quick transit speed.

We are confident you will find our new Genesis series to be the most sophisticated, robust, and reliable electric retract system available!


  • Machined from solid 7075 aluminum, robust design including 2 ball bearings for long life, smooth running and low friction to increase the torque.
  • Exclusive internal electronic circuit including 2 hall magnetic sensor to detect the endpoints to stop the motor when the end position is reached, saving wear to the mechanical components due at the suppression of the usual end of travel overload often seen in other systems.
  • 4.5s of travel time. Torque of 22 Lb/inch (25kg/cm). (Typical)
  • For up to 36lb plane weight. (16kg)
  • 90º Only Operation.
  • Replaceable connection leads for ease maintenance and installation.

Use 6,6V LiFe or 7,4V Lipo. Capable of 15A peak. App. 30mAh used per cycle.

Compatible with HV receiver installations (up to 9V).Mains: available for 8mm and 1/2" oleos, normal or reverse retraction.

Nose: available without steering system, direct (tiller) steering, indirect steering, servo plate or Mini Diamond special system. Normal or reverse retraction.  Pin diameter 8mm.

Electronic controller: LGC22 (important: Data terminal not included. Compatible with Xicoy data terminals used in Xicoy ECUS like this one).

Drawings, pictures, instructions and options, click here, please.

Available Options:


Main retraction:

Mains hole diameter:

Nose retraction:

Nose trunion pin hole:

Steering system:

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